"Worth Waiting For"

by Reba Bale

Is thirty years too long to wait for a second chance?
Check out this "Friends to Lovers" short story
# Romance
# Contemporary

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High school best friends Sara and Sofia had always been inseparable, but neither of them knew that they were hiding a secret attraction. The girls lost touch after graduation, but thirty years later, they run into each other in a coffee shop, and it’s love at first sight. Or second sight, anyway. They’re both too old to fall this fast, but they don’t want to waste any more time. After years of being single, Sara and Sofia are about to find out that true love was worth waiting for – and their first love can also be their last. “Worth Waiting For” is a short story set in Reba Bale’s “Friends to Lovers” world. If you like steamy but sweet midlife romances with a lot of snark and a heart-warming happily ever after, check out this fun sapphic romance today.